Board Meeting Minutes from: January 20, 2016

Brightwater Board Minutes from January 20 2016 Meeting

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View the 2016 Approved Budget:

Brightwater Approved Budget 2016

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View the 2015 HOA Annual Meeting Minutes here!

Brightwater Approved Minutes 2015 Annual Meeting Nov 10 2015

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Income & Expense Statement: Quarter 2, 2015

Brightwater HOA Income Expense Statement 2015 Q2

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Income and Expense Statement: Q1 of 2015

Copy of 2015 Brightwater I&E for 1Q15 (3-31-15)

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Welcome to Leawood’s Brightwater HOA Website!

Our neighborhood is our community, and we strive to make it a better place each and every day. How we interact with each other, how we solve problems with one another and how we take care of our neighborhood all show us what type of community we live in, and most importantly, what type of neighbors we want to be to one another.

Everyone benefits from a good-looking neighborhood – home values rise, people want to move here and we gain a sense of pride in our community. We all want to live in that type of neighborhood.

Your HOA Board would like to raise the visual standards of our neighborhood, which in turn translates to money in your pocket when you’re ready to sell your home. From time to time we all can let things slip. Still, we need to keep in mind the effect a poorly-kept exterior can have not only on the neighborhood, but also on the people living next to you and the value of their property.

As a Homeowners Association, we do have the power to ensure our neighborhood abides by certain standards, so we’re asking you to help us maintain them. Here are a few items we’re requesting you address if they apply to your property(ies):

• Manage your weeds
• Replace grass in barren areas
• Remove suckers from your tree
• Remove dead limbs, bushes and tree stumps from your property
• Keep your yard free of tools, yard supplies, lumber, toys etc.
• Store your trash bins out of sight

We are also aware that not everyone is oriented to caring for their property. Here are a few resources that can assist you:
• Home Depot and Lowes offer workshops
• The Grass Pad
• Suburban Lawn &Garden
• Spectrum Landscaping

Also, if you don’t know how to improve the appearance of your property, we are here to help. So please, contact us by e-mail at or visit and submit your question(s) or contact any Board Member – our phone and email information are on the web site.

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