Deffenbaugh, Inc. services trash, recycle and yard waste for Brightwater Homes Association.   The cost of this service is paid for by our annual dues. 

 Their contact information is:

·      913-631-3300 Customer Service


 Deffenbaugh supplies the bins.  It is our responsibility to move our refuse to the curb the evening before trash day, and return the bins to their out-of-sight storage location before the end of trash day.

 ·      Trash pickup is on Mondays, except when holidays fall on Mondays, in which case it is the following day.  Visit their web site to view the holidays, etc.

 ·      Deffenbaugh requests that owners and renters leave their trash bins in the garage upon vacating the property so that the new residents will have them available immediately.  Please be considerate and clean your bins well after your final use. 

 ·      New residents:  It is possible that your trash service was put on hold while the property was vacant.  To resume trash service, call Deffenbaugh.  They will update your property in their system and resume your trash pickup.

 ·      Please make sure to set your refuse at the curb no earlier than 7pm the evening before pickup, and return your Deffenbaugh bins to their proper storage location before the end of trash day.  By Leawood City Codes, your trash bins cannot be visible to your neighbors or left at the curb overnight.

 ·      Be sure your lids to the containers close all the way; over-filling the bins is an invitation for trash to go flying on the wind currents.

 ·      For additional information, please view Deffenbaugh’s contract under the CONTRACTS tab on this web site.